Hi! My name is Kt McVeigh. I’m an east coast lady with west coast dreams, currently trying to stay dry in the perpetually damp city of Portland, Oregon. 

Education + Professional Experience

     I graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2015 with a B.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in Art, and moved 2,000 miles to Denver, Colorado shortly after. In 2016, after completing a copywriting internship at an agency called Karsh Hagan, my love for writing and my longing for the coast had grown. I realized I wanted to continue my journey in the Pacific Northwest, and moved to the PNW on the last day of February 2017.

     I now co-own Blooming Pixel Creatives, a small creative agency specializing in the development of health and wellness brands (we have also worked with clients across a variety of different industries). We transform each business’s online presence into a luxurious space designed to capture leads, sell products, and book clients with ease. My specialties are copywriting and content creation, branding, social media content and metrics, advertising, and occasional graphic design for web and print. 

 What is Wired Just Write?

     I’m a content creator at heart; my creative skill set includes writing, video, & experimenting with as many artistic mediums as I can get my hands on! Wired Just Write is a play on the name of my YouTube Channel, Wiredjustright. This is a place where I share my creative writing, personal essays, and fun DIY recipes and experiments.  

Loves: bats, coniferous trees, maple sugar, earth tones, and -ber months

Can’t stand: noisy chewing, tomatoes