Beginning in January of 2016 and concluding in April, I held the position of Copywriting Intern at Karsh Hagan. This competitive program hires one intern from each discipline, seven total, to work as a team for the duration of the internship. For three months of long days and late nights, we functioned as our own miniature agency, working for our client Pets for Patriots and honing our skills as individuals and as a group. I left with six new friends, and a newfound confidence and preparedness for agency life. From working with the interns in other disciplines, I learned about media planning, account service, public relations, user experience and art direction – and from my own experience, I gained a strong assurance that I am meant to be a copywriter. Few things bring me as much joy as watching my ideas come to life.

Pocky Press

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I wrote Karsh Hagan’s internal newspaper The Pocky Press, a bi-weekly blend of client and industry news in bite-sized portions. The goal was to create light-hearted, engaging content that employees would look forward to reading each issue. 

Internal Projects

-insert birthday cards and smores pics-

For the labels on s’more-on-a-stick party favors, I came up with “S’more fun before you go. (No fire required.)” These were a hit with guests at a party Karsh Hagan held in March.

To celebrate the implementation and success of the “One” campaign for Bank of Colorado, the art director intern and I were asked to design this sticker. It was placed on the top of roughly 100 pints of Little Man Ice Cream, and handed out to employees at Karsh Hagan. Only “One” team could pull off this campaign – and pull off the lid on the ice creams they had earned.

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